Weed Loving Parents Share Tips for Consuming Cannabis at Home

We’ve seen a gradual growth in the usage of weed in Canada such as Skywalker OG and America over the past decade and we have witnessed a persistent decrease in the potential dangers. We will read more about marijuana’s medicinal benefit and usefulness for chronic pain, insomnia, depression, anxiety, and more.

How does weed impact your parenting?

But there are some gray areas with these greener pastures, for example, whether it is safe to do a little puff pass in front of your kid. Most of us do not consider twice that children will observe us drinking a homemade brew or a bottle of rosé. We spoke to guardians, health care providers, cannabis supporters, and adult children in pot-positive homes in order to get a sense of the larger picture here.

A few claim that cannabis is a way of engulfing parents, like many other substances, and that isn’t generally the healthiest way for parents. The example of Zakeri is the father who checks out smoke after work and is half-present throughout the communications with his family.” But West argues that her use of her personal pot makes her a better parent.”I would prefer to use cannabis as a relaxation when my busy working day is over, and the children are asleep, rather than much more dangerous substances such as alcohol or pharmaceuticals. I’m happier and healthier by opting for legal, recreational cannabis, and that makes me the best possible parent.

What are we teaching our kids?

If you are a parent who uses cannbies weed, consider why, when, and how to use it and what your children want to learn about cannabis.”I believe it is important to understand what you support as a parent,” says Zakeri.  Colbert is now the communication director who says, “It seemed much less harmful in many respects than alcohol. He eventually realized that weed had more than high merits. “Cannabis has helped me control my depression feelings without taking pills,”

Andrea Dobb’s cannabis pro now, she didn’t consume it when her kids were young, but her husband did. Dobbs initially asked him to stop smoking until the children had been asleep. She says, “it was too hard for me to have a partner who was either slightly anxious or completely locked in a couch. I desired a companion that could help and get involved, and my husband was kind enough to do that.

How you deal with your children is up to you. “It is a parent choice to use cannabis in front of your children,” Chin says, “and educating your children and talking openly about it is essential, just as you would about alcohol and tobacco.”