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Trainwreck Budder (B)


Trainwreck Budder an effective sedative, very compatible with slow down Sundays and afternoons that are tasked to be simple relaxing. This strain has an above average THC level, recorded at an average of 20% or above, and is therefore also much-wanted and needed as a useful medical strain. Trainwreck Budder is also very effective for the treatment against common and chronic stress, and many other mental health issues. It comes highly recommended for those who need a little help with their depression and anxiety or even PTSD.


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  • Trainwreck Budder

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Aroma: Trainwreck Budder will light up the entire room with its aroma, smelling like a forest full of pine and cedar. It has slight citrus undertones, which makes for a pretty fragrant experience. This strain can also smell slightly sweet mixed with a dash of spice.

Taste: Trainwreck Budder can taste like fresh pine needles, reminiscent of a pine tree forest fire. It has a sharp lemon aftertaste and its pungent presence is very prominent.

High: Trainwreck Budder’s initial effects are energizing, euphoric and uplifted, which eventually melts into a full-body relaxation that keeps your mind stimulated and introspective. This is usually followed by a blissful zenned out state that could possibly end with the desire to fall asleep.

Used for: Anxiety, Bipolar Disorder, Chronic Pain,  Depression,  Headaches,  Inflammation,  Insomnia,  Migraines,  Muscle Spasms, PTSD, Stress

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