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Kootenay Garden’s – White Lava Cake

Lava Cake is an ultra-rare and one of the latest strains to come from the Girl Scout Cookies family. This powerful strain promotes a deep sense of calm and relaxation that soothes the body without couch-locking the mind.

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Cheap Ounces do not apply to mix and match ounce discounts, we offer budget ounces to those who can only afford single ounces. The quality is the exact same as if you were to purchase a normal ounce of the same product.

Large commercial producer from the outskirts of BC, Kootenay Garden’s supplies all types of strains and different qualities.
From AA Greenhouse all the way to AAAA Strains.

Medium very frosty and gooey buds

Batch Date
Dec 15, 2023

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1 OZ (28 grams), 2 OZ (56 grams), 3 OZ (84 grams), 4 OZ (112 grams)


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