Cannabis gummies world is continually changing, and there seems to be a new trend every day, particularly with regard to the cannabis strains that Canadians want. So what cannabis strains are actually in demand in Canada? In this article, we discuss five of Canada’s most common cannabis strains; explore them all!


Lowryder is a hybrid type of cannabis that has been cultivated for many generations, and these inbreed genetics have their uniqueness. Lowryder is so much in need of it because it has low growth habits; it does not grow more than sixteen inches tall, which is a significant advantage for farmers who do not want to deal with massive plants.

The other wonderful thing about the Lowryder strain is its short flora time. It can be harvested within forty days, which is a huge advantage for home cannabis farmers who do not behave according to the term ‘patience is a virtue.’

But the easy growth features are not the only explanation why this strain of cannabis reaches Canadians so fast. This Sativa hybrid produces a calm, enhanced intensity that helps most people feel comfortable and stress-free.


AK-47, a Sativa-dominant hybrid that leaves you physically calm and mentally alert, is one of Canada’s most common cannabis strains (in special Toronto).


A favorite strain of cannabis growers in Canada, M-39, is one of the country’s most common marijuana strains. M-39 is an Indica hybrid with a split wood and new citrus fragrance.

Purple space cookies

Purple space cookies are a mysterious yet highly desired strain. This excellent addition to the Girl Scout cookies family is a particularly popular choice for buyers in Western Canada, home to the most famous floral variants.

Purple Space Cookies and gummies may be more sedative to inexperienced smokers than expert consumers. Although the strain in the right hands would still promote sociability, making it a decent regular therapy. For individuals suffering from debilitating pain and tension, the Purple Space Cookies’ cannabis strain is also the strain of choice owing to its extraordinarily soothing properties.

Mango Sapphire

The strain has an outstanding THC content of up to 23%. The flower is a dynamic Indica-dominant hybrid, established by the Humboldt Seed Organisation, with OG Kush, Bubbas’s Gift, and Afghani as parents. Due to its significant indicative influence (85 percent), Mango Sapphire itself contributes to a very sedative high stone that is ideal for usage at night or shortly before bedtime. It clears the mind and relieves the muscles of stressful cramps. Some people use this medicinal weed to combat anxiety, depression, excessive tension, and pain.