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Three Easy, Edible Ways to Use THC Distillate

If you ever need to get your hands on the best and supreme Distillates on the market, doob dasher are the ones to approach. Offering a wide array of medicinal marijuana and its products. A complete game-changer is the amber-colored honey oil. Making your wildest imaginations come true with heavy stimulation and a wave of happiness. Get the best distillates at doob dasher.

THC Distillates

With almost 100% of THC, this oily liquid has an amber color and no other impurities or cannabinoids. These Distillates are exclusively for edible or smoking. The topical effects are not as potent. When it comes to this form, which is the end product, it means it has the highest potency and effect.

Edible ways to Use THC Distillates

Usually, distillates from doob dasher for therapeutic use are CBD, which is devoid of mental effects. The THC component is accountable for the mental effects. While traditionally, these oils are drizzled onto the joints or even vaped. But there are more potent ways to use these liquids.

When these amber oils are engulfed, they remain in the system for a longer time and provide a longer and heavy high.

  1. Gummies

These sweet and chunky candies are the best way to consume such a concoction. It helps control the dose and also eliminates the better taste. You can directly inject it into your selection of gummies, or you can opt to buy them online.

  1. Hot chocolate

For some reason, chocolate goes well with THC, and that is why a chocolate high is a better high. Making it aromatic and better-tasting, it is convenient to take your dose with a cup of hot cocoa.

  1. Honey

Either in a cup of tea or just a spoonful of honey, THC binds well with the terpenes and helps in masking the bitterness and aftertaste. Honey is sweet and strongly aromatic; it helps in consuming it.


THC Distillates are for people who want a strong metal effect and a full-body high. As strong as this product is, a managed dose is very therapeutic. Get your hands on this amazing Distillates oil from doob dasher and poof your pains away!